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Major League Baseball suspended Yankees relief pitcher Jimmy Cordero for the rest of the season and postseason for violating the league and MLBPA’s joint domestic violence, sexual assault and child abuse policy, the league announced Wednesday

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Jimmy Cordero, a relief pitcher for the New York Yankees, will undergo a confidential and comprehensive evaluation and treatment program supervised by the Joint Policy Board, in accordance with the terms of the league’s policy on domestic violence, sexual assault, and child abuse.

The Yankees expressed their full support for MLB’s investigation and the subsequent sanctions imposed on Cordero. In a statement, the team emphasized their stance against domestic violence and affirmed their alignment with MLB’s joint policy on domestic violence, sexual assault, and child abuse.

During a press conference on Wednesday, manager Aaron Boone disclosed that the team became aware of the Cordero inquiry approximately within the past week. Boone further revealed that Cordero informed him of the investigation a couple of days ago.

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The MLB and MLBPA jointly approved the policy addressing domestic abuse, sexual assault, and child abuse in August 2015. Its purpose, as stated by MLB, is to tackle issues such as safeguarding players’ legal rights, treating violations with seriousness, enforcing appropriate disciplinary measures, and offering resources for intervention and support for victims, families, and players themselves.

The policy does not establish specific minimum or maximum penalties; instead, the commissioner determines the appropriate punishment for each individual player.

Despite reaching out to Cordero’s agency for a response, there has been no immediate reply from him.

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due to some reports by ESPN, Jimmy Cordero, a relief pitcher for the New York Yankees, has been suspended for the remainder of the 2023 season due to a violation of Major League Baseball’s policy on domestic abuse.

The MLB Players Association and the league have implemented a policy that does not outline specific durations for sanctions. Previous cases, including Trevor Bauer (initially 324 games, later reduced to 194 on appeal), Sam Dyson (162), Jose Torres (100), Hector Olivera (82), and Cordero’s teammate Domingo German (81), have all faced suspensions. Cordero has accepted a 76-game suspension.

When enforcing suspensions in line with the policy, MLB does not publicly disclose investigation results or other findings.

The Yankees organization has released the following statement: “The New York Yankees fully support the investigation process conducted by Major League Baseball and the disciplinary actions taken against Jimmy Cordero.

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Jimmy Cordero, a relief pitcher for the New York Yankees, has been handed a season-long suspension for violating Major League Baseball’s domestic abuse policy.

The 31-year-old player accepted a 76-game ban, which will extend into the postseason and will be unpaid.

MLB Commissioner Robert D. Manfred, Jr. announced the suspension on Wednesday, stating that Cordero had violated the league’s Joint Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, and Child Abuse Policy. As a result, Cordero will be placed on the restricted list effective immediately.

The specific actions that led to Cordero’s suspension have not been disclosed at this time.

According to MLB’s statement, the right-handed pitcher will participate in a confidential and comprehensive evaluation and treatment program under the supervision of the policy board.

In response to the suspension, the Yankees released the following statement on Wednesday: “The Yankees are fully supportive.”

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Additionally, RHP Jimmy Cordero was suspended for violating Major League Baseball’s Joint Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault and Child Abuse Policy and was placed on the… Last week, Germán pitched MLB’s 24th perfect game

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